Domestic and Commercial Emergency Call Out Specialists

30 years of electrical services in a commercial and domestic setting make us the perfect emergency call out partner that you can put in your phone now 01483 36 30 60. We offer 24/7 call out with a 60 minute response time to your door. Our rates are shown below.

We cater to a range of emergency fixes from consumer unit’s tripping, plug and light switch failures, security faults and general safety concerns

Emergency call out In surrey.

  • 30 Years of Electrical Services Commercial/Domestic
  • 24/7 Call Out with 30 Minute Response to Your Door
  • Save our phone number now 01483 36 30 60

Emergency? Call now we are awaiting your call: 01483 363060

UK Power Networks – Emergency Power Cut Number: “105” – 24hrs, 7 days a week

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